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At Pharmco, we focus on feeding your future. What exactly does that mean? It means we have the quality supplements, minerals, and feeds that’ll ensure top performance in your livestock. You can expect:

  • A custom feeding program that can be adjusted to any type of livestock feed, both home-raised and purchased feeds.
  • Your choice of products from Quality Liquid Feed® (QLF), ADM Alliance Nutrition®, Land O’Lakes Purina Feed®, MLS®, Kay Dee®, and Farmer Ranchers Co-op.
  • Minerals and supplements in the form of tubs, blocks, liquids, pellets, force fed, and free choice.
  • A large supply of feed medications and additives, both liquid and dry feed.

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All Pharmco locations have a good inventory of the necessary products for these areas. We can also transfer products from location to location! 

Custom Feed Yards

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36590 SD Highway 44
605-337-3374 / 800-683-3374

1250 East King Avenue
605-234-5209 / 800-258-1736

27768 317th Avenue

I-90 & Highway 45 South Side
East on Old 16